About Us

Our Brand Story

You know, this was a great way to not have a 9 to 5. Building and managing an affiliate marketing and review website gives you the flexibility you can’t get when you’re stuck with the daily grind. But something changed as we started trying to scale: we couldn’t. Doing hands-on reviews got harder and harder the bigger we grew a site. Big sites need big content flows, and we couldn’t scale up and keep on doing hands-on, proper reviews.


And that’s how we first noticed a problem. We weren’t the first company to run into this issue – a ton of our predecessors already had. Some came out the other end bigger and stronger, but some took the low road. Fake reviews started becoming a real problem – it was blowing up, and everyone was starting to doubt the avalanche of five-star reviews products were getting on major e-commerce sites like Amazon.


So, we pivoted. Our focus on being a review site changed. It wasn’t just about products anymore. It was about the publications feeding into the ecosystem of fake reviews. It was about Amazon purging fake reviews from hundreds of thousands of products – and knowing they probably still haven’t even hit most of them.  It was about doing something to help fight this, to help the consumer feel like they’ve got someone in their corner that sees what they do and doesn’t just shrug and offer a resigned, “What can you do?”


Superlativ was reborn from the desire to both pursue and drive meaningful change in all things digital. Christen and Rex both loved creating content, aggregating and analyzing data, and using it to provide users with incredible experiences. And once it became clear that some companies would rather screw the consumer to chase the bottom line, they changed their focus. Superlativ was refreshed to focus on being on your side. We’re here to watch those that have gone unwatched, and to test the sources we’ve long trusted to do the testing.


And all the while, we create meaningful experiences designed to do more than just “get you through the door.” We hold fast to the core values below to guide us in everything we create – from the document it starts on, to the webpage it ends. And we think you’ll agree that they’re good values to have.

We believe in


We don’t believe in hiding behind anything. We do our work out in the open where anyone can see it, including you. It’s important to us that everyone know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and where the greenbacks are coming from.


We’re transparent and independent, and dedicated to keeping it that way.

We fight for


The only thing easier than exploiting the consumer is knowing they’re exploited, and doing nothing about it. That isn’t how we do things.


Forget passivity and shrugging shoulders, Superlativ uses information to highlight those that are hoping to pull a fast one on the average consumer, and spell out exactly how it’s being done.

We help you


People get stuck researching something half to death, worried they’re about to spend their hard earned money on a lemon. We’ve committed ourselves to help you get something into your hands you have confidence in.


Simply put: we help you take less time to make a decision, by giving you information that matters most and prices that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse.